Every project starts with good design. For me, this means weaving client needs and personal style into a plan that is within budget, functional, and implementable.

Planning begins with hand-drawn concept renderings that give the client an overall "feel" for the proposed design. From there, I move on to scale drawings, construction details, plant list, and initial budget.

The install begins with hard surfaces and ends with soft finishes. I work with builders and sub-contractors to implement the hardscape: drives, walks, patios, pools, architectural walls, gates, etc. I personally tag plant material that will bring the design to life-plant material that will have the right form and shape for the space. For me, this is the most critical part of the design process.

When all these ingredients come together, I get a work of art that I am proud of, and my client gets a beautiful space that meets their lifestyle needs and exceeds their expectations.